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Cataract surgery, dry eyes and glaucoma: FAQ

An interview with Erwin Bouwman, Manager Clinical Research at OPHTEC by OPHTEC, 12 November 2020

Erwin Bouwman is manager of the Clinical Research department at Ophtec and conducts research into clinical products. Erwin regularly receives questions about the consequences of cataract surgery,...Read more

Cataract surgery: what to expect

An interview with Cecilia Lollinga en Anja Boen, OK-assistenten at OMC HanzeKliniek in The Netherlands by OPHTEC, 16 February 2020

“People often tell us they think it’s ‘a piece of cake’. But it is a real surgical procedure that needs to be prepared and completed properly. We recently had a patient in the operating...Read more

Cataract surgery: frequently asked questions

An interview with Hendrik Boerman, productspecialist at OPHTEC by OPHTEC, 22 December 2019

“Patients often tell me they wished they’d had it sooner. After all, cataract surgery improves their lives in many ways and patients don’t have to undergo surgery for it ever again."Read more

Can you prevent having to wear reading glasses? “In the end, everyone will need them”

An interview with Erik de Haas, Development Leader at OPHTEC by OPHTEC, 5 October 2019

Development Leader Erik de Haas is often asked about reading glasses, lenses and lens surgery. Not surprising, given his role at Ophtec: “I am responsible for the development of new products...Read more