About Precizon

What are Precizon lenses?


Precizon lenses are ultra-thin insertable lenses that are implanted during cataract surgery. The natural lens of your eye affected by cataract will be removed during this surgery. After removal, during the same surgery, the artificial Precizon lens will be implanted into your eye. This lens takes over the functions of your natural lens and you will see better again. Whether you will need glasses after surgery depends on the type of artificial lens that is implanted.

There are two basic categories of artificial lenses: standard monofocal lenses and premium multifocal and toric lenses. Your ophthalmologist will help you decide on the best lens model, based on pre-op measurements and your personal vision objectives.

Precizon lenses are designed and produced by OPHTEC in The Netherlands. The company is considered an innovative global player in the field of premium cataract lenses.



OPHTEC was founded in 1983 by ophthalmologist prof. Jan Worst, a real pioneer, always looking forward. He was unhappy with the ophthalmic surgical products available in those days. Change was needed. Prof. Worst did so by developing his own instruments and IOLs (intraocular lenses). Always by his side, and helping him with his mission, was his wife: Mrs Anneke Worst-van Dam. She started OPHTEC, because she believed more people should benefit from her husband’s revolutionary inventions.